Natural Born Guardians 

Boz Shepherd Livestock Guardians at NATURAL BORN GUARDIANS, and the St. Croix Hair Sheep they protect.

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Emparator, the Greatest Boz ever!

Breeder of Turkish Boz Shepherds

We are a small farm in East Texas dedicated to producing stable temperament healthy guardian dogs with a deeply ingrained guardian instinct, Otherwise Natural Born Guardians.   All of our Boz Shepherds are Turkish Imports or their offspring.  

Both the Boz Shepherd and Turkish Kangal are Landrace Regional Working dogs from Turkey.  They have been formed over countless generations through ruthless selection, frequent testing, demanding work and harsh environmental extremes.  This has produced long lived healthy dogs that do not need pampering.   

They have a strong innate drive to bond to livestock and people, and will defend their livestock and families at any cost to themselves.  Defensiveness is so ingrained into their genetics, that they start defending at 8-10 weeks old.  At 6-8 months old, most will defend like a 2 year old German Shepherd and able to take on Coyotes or Badgers by themselves. Their size, strength and speed, place their physical capabilities far above most other breeds of dogs.

Working Boz Shepherd LGD in Turkey

As Family Protection or Guard dog, they must be a part of the family.  Being a working dog, they need a job.  When socialized and trained, they can be safely taken into most any public situation.  Their innate ability to read your comfort level and determine real threats is remarkable.  Their ability to confront serious threats is extreme.

As Livestock Guardians, they protect livestock from some of the most formidable predators.  From the huge Timber Wolves in the North West USA, to Dingo packs in Australia, and against many of the predators in Africa, these dogs have proven themselves.

The road to get these great dogs out of Turkey has been difficult and expensive, full of risk and sacrifice.  But finally, we are able to offer these amazing dogs to the ranchers and families that may need their services.

Both the Boz Shepherd and Turkish Kangal are large serious dogs with great strength and physical potential.  They are not meant for every situation, and will not be placed in homes that lack the experience and ability to socialize and control them.

Kangals at Natural Born Guardians