Please contact me for availability and pricing.  Brian   Call or Text 903-373-1289.  Please understand that I am very busy and mayfail to get back to you.  If you do not hear from me, please try again.

Contact us now to reserve your puppy, as most are placed prior to their birth***

Please Note: Natural Born Guardians DOES NOT condone dog fighting, maltreatment of dogs, and earnestly stands by the TBBA's mission to breed the Boz Shepherd as it is intended as a loyal, dependable livestock guardian and caring, loving family companion.  If you have ill intended use or motivation for obtaining one of these exceptional dogs, please do not contact us or any other Boz Shepherd or Kangal Shepherd breeders.


At Natural Born Guardians, we strive to provide exceptional Turkish Boz and Kangal dogs to our buyers.  Our puppies are sold with first shots and worming (and potentially more depending on age at time of pick-up or shipping),  You can expect continued support from Natural Born Guardians as your puppy develops and grows.  Our puppies are guaranteed not only to be in good health and functional, but we also provide an exchange replacement policy with each of our puppies to ensure complete satisfaction on the buyer's part.  The last thing I want is for one of my dogs to be in a situation that does not fit them, or for one of them to be in a job they are not suited for.  I will make every effort to ensure you have the dog you need for your situation.  

Turkish Boz and Kangal Shepherd puppies need a purpose, whether it be a herd or flock to guard, or family to interact with daily.  These dogs DO NOT do well, nor do we support or condone, long-term kenneling or isolation, as it negatively affects both their mental and physical development.  They are natural livestock guardians, and like all LGDs, become deeply attached to their owners and livestock, needing those bonds to develop as well-adjusted, happy, healthy dogs.  Boz and Kangal Shepherds are extremely powerful dogs, who require an owner that is both willing and able to care for their needs, and socialize them properly.  A puppy will not be sold to anyone that is not prepared to care for this type of dog.  

I am dedicated to the dogs first, and the customer second.

Note: Shipping will run $500 if Continental Cargo services your airport, and $590 for most other Cargo Carriers.  Pick-ups are welcome and encouraged.

Deposits will be taken to ensure availability.

Please view our "Testimonials" page to hear firsthand accounts of our breeding program and our exceptional dogs.  We also urge you to visit and join the Turkish Boz Breeders Association (TBBA)

Please also feel free to join the Facebook Group "Turkish Boz Shepherds" to join in on discussions and become involved with the growing community that owns and supports this exceptional breed. 

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Boz Puppy print at 7 months old.