Protection and Guarding

Note that due to the newly imposed USDA APHIS laws, Natural Born Guardians is limited to providing puppies for Livestock Guardian working homes.  Please call for explanation or availability of puppies for non Livestock Guardian placements.


Natural Born Guardians DOES NOT condone dog fighting, maltreatment of dogs, and earnestly stands by the TBBA's mission to breed the Boz Shepherd as it is intended as a loyal, dependable livestock guardian and caring, loving family companion.

Although Livestock Guardian Work is the main historical function of the Boz, they are a versatile breed that is easily trained to excell at many task.  Defense is a instinctive drive that has been bred into them for thousands of years, as they are truly Natural Born Guardians.  Guarding Livestock,  protecting families, Hunting Boar or just a companion dog are all jobs that they are capable of.  Some Boz have proven that a Livestock Guardian can be taken out to hunt varied game such as boar and coyotes, and returned to their pasture of goats and chickens to continue their work as a LGD.

Boz Shepherds are a very intelligent dog that is easily socialized to accept situations that are not in need of their defense, but can and will react when needed as a guard dog.  They can be taken into almost any public situation if shown that you are comfortable.  Their tolerance and acceptance of children, brings many comments from parents at the ballgames and sporting events that the Boz accompany us to.

They are arguably one of the most powerful breeds of dogs in the world, and have physical capabilities that far exceed most all others.  They have the strongest bite force pressure of any domestic canine, can pull 7,000-10,000 pound tractors and run 27-35mph.  Their ability to take down and neutralize threats is nearly unmatched.  Only the TRUE Japanese Tosa and Indian Bully Kutta are capable of this level of power  with elimination of threats, but the Boz have the advantage of speed and agility.  Also the Boz are a dog that remain submissive to the family, and are easily socialized.  

Natural Born Guardians has taken the first steps to have some of our Boz Shepherds temperament tested in their defense drive to determine the possibility of working as law enforcement or K-9 unit dogs.  At this point, NBG is not pursuing this line of work or training with any of our dogs, although other Boz owners are working toward training their dogs.

Please do not mistake canine law enforcement work and training as dog fighting, human aggression, or any other inhumane maltreatment of dogs, all of which we adamantly disapprove of.  Any law enforcement agency will happily explain the clear and distinct difference.  Our dogs did well in the initial testing, showing that the breed has potential in this line of work.  The DEFENSE DRIVE being evaluated, is the same drive that enables the Boz or any other LGD to function as a guardian of livestock.  Protecting their owner from a threat is not that different than protecting their livestock from a predator.  Far from training them to "attack humans" as some might misrepresent.

**The images below are NOT of aggressive human attack, as could be misrepresented if taken out of context, but rather ARE images of LAW ENFORCEMENT canine work TRIAL TESTS, as are done with all K-9 working dogs to measure the dogs defensive drive.**

Extreme caution needs to be taken to have a high level of obedience and control before pursuing this line of training.  The Boz is a powerful breed that may cause bodily injury or death if trained and handled unprofessionally in this line of work.  

Please note, these are serious dogs that need experienced and responsible owners.  They are very intelligent, and MUST remain part of the family.

NO training for law enforcement or K-9 unit type work should take place without a professional trainer and an already well-trained dog in basic commands.  Besides, the sight of a Boz Shepherd as a GUARD DOG is usually enough to stop all but the truly stupid.